Last month it was revealed that Christopher Lloyd and Rachael Leigh Cook would be starring in Spirit Halloween, a movie focused around the titular Halloween pop-up shop. Now, Range is reporting some new plot information of the movie, along with some very first appearance images.

When Spirit Halloween was initially revealed, the plot was referred to as following 3 pals who attempt each other to invest Halloween night inside a Spirit Halloween, just to find the structure is haunted. Now, we understand the nature of Lloyd and Cook’s characters in the movie. Lloyd will be playing the fiend within the shop: his character was a rich land designer who, years earlier, inexplicably vanished, and now his spirit is cursed to haunt the town every year on Halloween. Cook will be playing the mom of among the kids who was attempted to invest the night in the shop.


In the 2 images from the movie launched today, Lloyd and Cook are front and center. In one the focus is on Lloyd, and we get a great concept that his character will be far from the enjoyable and whacky Doc Brown. He is seen using an old-fashioned match and coat, and his appearance is complemented with an enormous glare. In the picture fixated Cook, she appears to be being in a cars and truck with an anxious appearance directed at something off-screen.

Spirit Halloween is directed by David Poag from a movie script composed by Billie Bates. This movie will be Poag’s function movie directorial launching, after a profession as a cinematographer. Spirit Halloween is likewise Bates initially script to be made into a function movie. The movie stars Lloyd and Prepare together with a cast that consists of Donovan Colan, Dylan Martin Frankel, Jaiden J. Smith, Marissa Reyes, and Marla Gibbs.

Spirit Halloween is produced by Noor Ahmed, Shannon Houchins and Mike Haggerty with Movie Mode president Clay Epstein working as executive manufacturer. In addition, the movie was made in a collaboration with Spirit Halloween Superstores LLC

About the movie, Epstein commented:

“We’re thrilled to be introducing exclusive first-look footage of ‘Spirit Halloween’ to buyers from all over the world for the first time in Cannes and to give audiences around the world a sneak-peak into the ultimate family/kids adventure film. The response from the global marketplace has continues to be positively overwhelming.”

Principal photography on Spirit Halloween has actually currently covered, and the movie is anticipated to premiere this Halloween season.