Squid Game Season 2 Predictions – What will Happen in the Sequel?


Squid Sport became one among Netflix’s most-streamed popular shows of all time. It left audiences craving for extra and it has already been launched that Squid Sport Season 2 is going on! Right here’s huge data as there are so great of questions fans light contain referring to the present. With any luck, Season 2 is in a position to resolution alternative these questions. For this article, we at SEOULSPACE thought it would be fun to keep some valorous Squid Sport Season 2 predictions. Then we are in a position to always attain attend and gaze what number of we had been in a position to receive salubrious. 

9 Squid Sport Season 2 Predictions

Squid Sport Season 2 will seemingly be out before the tip of 2022 

Netflix wishes to fast launch the manufacturing of Squid Sport season 2 in articulate heart’s contents to handle up the momentum prompted by Squid Sport Season 1. Then all over again, this is maybe now now not so easy thanks to the sizzling world pandemic. Also the creator/director of Squid Sport, Hwang Dong-hyuk has now now not written Season 2 but. Squid Sport became once a fondness project that became once over a decade in the making for Hwang. Many of the present’s characters are drawn from his right life. He conceived the theories of the present in 2008 when Korea’s economy became once badly tormented by the area financial disaster.

So if it took over 10 years to keep Squid Sport, he’ll most entertaining contain about a months to write and teach Squid Sport Season 2. He is also currently working on a movie known as KO Club. Once he wraps that up he’ll maybe receive began on writing the most essential episode of Season 2 and launch manufacturing while he writes the remainder of the episodes. 

Gi-hun will work with the Police

This one appears cherish an effortless prediction but there are light many fans that surely feel Gi-hun won’t if truth be told proceed attend in the game but search to bring down the game from in the attend of the scenes. A lot cherish the formulation Jun-ho became once in a position to infiltrate the island. Then all over again, we if truth be told feel it correct makes extra sense for Gi-hun to play the game all over again great cherish Il-nam, the rich outdated man who joined the game on his contain accord.

Imagine this, Gi-hun works with the police division who must now be buying for Jun-ho and tells them all the issues. The police would possibly maybe even contain the messages and photographs sent by Jun-ho. With the backup of the Korean police, Gi-hun won’t decrease than contain some make stronger in the attend of him. Since he doesn’t know where the island Squid Sport takes location, it most entertaining is salubrious for him to head there as a participant all over again. 

Jun-ho is light alive 

Ever for the reason that Front Man who became out to be Jun-Ho’s brother In-ho shot Jun-ho in the arm, it is marvelous to mediate that Jun-ho is light alive. He did now now not receive shot in the pinnacle or even the physique. It became once a shoulder shot, the identical shoulder shot that Jun-ho gave In-ho. So the shot alone must now now not contain killed Jun-ho. Because of the this truth, the genuine ask is whether or now now not falling into the water became once sufficient to shatter him?

We by no formulation gaze Jun-ho’s ineffective physique so it is very that it is possible you’ll maybe maybe agree with he’s light alive. This form we can receive to learn great extra about now now not most entertaining Jun-ho’s relationship along with his brother but how In-ho became the Front Man. Don’t be terrorized to search Gi-hun in a difficult danger most entertaining to receive rescued by Jun-ho who’s light on the island. 

In-ho Flashback will seemingly be a Main Fragment of Squid Sport Season 2

Some of maybe the most entertaining questions left unanswered in Squid Sport Season 1 deserve to construct with In-ho. How did he receive the Squid Sport and how did he cease up turning into the Front Man? Telling In-ho’s yarn by strategy of flashback makes alternative sense. We receive to better note a persona we knew tiny or no about while at the identical time getting a better working out of the historical previous of the video games. Moreover, it is far a large formulation to showcase great extra tiny one video games. The actor who plays In-ho is Lee Byung-hun, one among maybe the most renowned actors in Korea. It would keep sense to keep him a key half of Season 2 and showcasing his backstory would allow that to happen.

Squid Sport is viewed by VIPs around the area 

In articulate heart’s contents to finance the video games along with to attain up with the prize money, there deserve to be great extra VIPs than those shown in Season 1. I imply they’d to mediate a entire island for crying out loud! Because of the this truth, demand Season 2 to expose correct how salubrious the video games are by exhibiting VIPs from at some level of the area viewing the Squid Video games remotely. Because of the this truth, demand to search VIPs from around the area having receive valid of entry to to the video games to expose correct how salubrious the video games are. 

The Guards are there to work and receive paid 

While many contain theories about who the guards are, Season 2 will present that it is simply a job for the guards. Some would possibly maybe need debt or some correct would possibly maybe are making an are attempting to keep some first rate money. They’re maybe paid successfully simply for the truth that they deserve to shatter folks. In the occasion that they had been there correct to repay their debt then why did some search to reap organs?

It appears decided that most are correct making an are attempting to keep money. It is a job and for the organizers, they don’t deserve to pain referring to the guards exposing the video games on story of the guards contain already committed assassinate. The guards are popular day to day folks correct buying for a payday. When the video games are over they simply proceed attend home and sit down up for the video games to launch up all over again. 

The Salesman doesn’t learn about Squid Sport 

We don’t know loads referring to the Salesman conducted by Gong Yoo. Then all over again, what we build know is that he’s a simply salesman who appears to be to be the foremost recruiter of the gamers. It’s very that it is possible you’ll maybe maybe agree with that the Salesman returns in Season 2 as Gong Yoo is also a successfully-acknowledged actor in Korea. But how will he return? It correct makes alternative sense that a recruiter for Squid Sport doesn’t know what goes on at the video games. His job is to offer those in debt an opportunity to keep money. If he knew the oldsters he became once speaking with had been prone to demise…he would be a truly noxious person. That doesn’t appear cherish the case here.

He appears to contain been hired to salvage folks in debt and offer them an opportunity to receive out of debt. No diversified data. The much less he is conscious of the simpler. Because of the this truth in Squid Sport Season 2, a location would possibly be the Salesman discovering out what is surely taking place. Then making an are attempting to redeem his previous deeds. 

Il-nam is Gi-hun’s Father 

There are a couple of clues to indicate that Il-nam is de facto Gi-hun’s father. First Gi-hun is allergic to profit from identical to what Il-nam acknowledged about his son. The 2d clue comes at some level of the marble video games. This became once when Il-nam and Gi-hun both stated that they extinct to are living in the neighborhood being represented. So this procedure that they had been from the identical location.

In the damage, the third and most convincing proof that Il-nam is Gi-hun’s father is that Gi-hun and Il-nam’s son half the identical birthday. Il-nam asks for what at the present time’s date is and whether it became once the 24th on story of his son’s birthday became once coming up. Gi-hun’s birthday is on the 28th. We know this on story of he entered his birthday because the PIN number for his mom’s ATM card. It is salubrious that Il-nam stop his son when Gi-hun became once young and wished to fulfill his son before he died from his mind tumor. 

Korean Rooster Fight will seemingly be one among the video games in Squid Sport Season 2

One among the extra in style video games in Korea is Rooster fight! No, it doesn’t involve right chickens. As an alternative, two folks fight every diversified by grabbing one among their ankles with two palms. They must hop on one foot as they are attempting to knock down their opponent. The opponent is doing the identical thing. The last person left standing wins! This sport can receive beautiful brutal as you literally deserve to shatter your physique into the diversified person. Gaze the YouTube video above to receive a better working out of how the game is conducted. 

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