Srinithi Chetty longs for Vijay .. I have not seen the movie Beast till now

The KGF2 movie is currently the main talk in India. A film released from a largely unnoticed Kannada film industry has made the entire Indian film industry talk. It is being said that the collection of this film has almost surpassed the Hindi collection of RRR which is now the forerunner of Pan Indian films.

Actress Srinivasa Shetty has become a favorite heroine of many youngsters by starring in this film. His first film was the first KGF1 film to be released. This is the second film in which he has attracted Indian screen fans. She has won many titles like Miss Karnataka, Miss Supernational, Miss Diva.

He has recently given an interview to a Tamil media. In it he talks about his career journey, degrees he has acquired, KGF film, actor Yash and many other things. The moderator asked him about actor Vijay. Did you see the Beast picture? He asked.

Mrs. Shetty replied, “I always go to the theaters to see Vijay’s films. I enjoyed watching his Bikil and Master films in theaters. He is also my favorite actor. But currently KGF is busy with the promotion work of the film so I have not seen the Beast film yet. Said to see you soon.

Before the release of KGF2, Sreeniti Vikram-Ajay signed on to play the lead role in Gyanamuthu’s Cobra. This is his debut film in Tamil. The song ‘Thumpi Thullal’ which was released from the film was well received and the fans are saying that the chemistry between Vikram and Sreenidhi is good. This movie is coming to the screen soon.

Beast was released on the 13th, followed by KGF2 the next day. The Beast film received mixed reviews, and the KGF2 film was critically acclaimed and well received by fans. However, as far as Tamil Nadu is concerned, Vijay’s film was not affected by the KGF film.

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