Sruthihasan tattooed around the navel .. Silmisham future husband!

Sruthi Haasan, the eldest daughter of world hero Kamal Haasan, is currently a leading actress. In Tamil cinema, he has acted opposite Vijay, Surya and Dhanush. She is a very talented and beautiful actress.

Sruthihaasan has been in love with Chandan Hazarika for many years. He is a famous doodle artist from Mumbai. From time to time, Sruthihaasan posts photos of them on his social media page.

Sruthi Hasan, who recently celebrated Chandan’s birthday, has faced many controversies. That is, Sruthihasan cut a penis-shaped cake to celebrate his birthday. He also posted Lip Lock photos. As a result, many fans spit on him to the point of spitting comments.

In this situation, Sruthihasan has a tattoo on her boyfriend Chandanu’s belly. The photo is currently going viral on social media. In it he is tattooed as Gold Life.

Sruthihasan had also mentioned that Chandan is also training with me. Sruthihasan has spent three and a half hours for this. Surudihasan has done this for her boyfriend even though she is so busy in films.

Sruthihaasan will be playing the lead role in Prabhas’ Salar directed by Prasanth Neil. Also, the new film directed by Gopichand Malineni stars 61-year-old actor Balakrishna opposite.

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