Standard Macdonald was an extremely personal guy. The Saturday Night Live star was an old-fashioned comic, one who chose to toss out amusing anecdotes and amusing asides without degenerating anything too particular from his personal life. Even his own narrative, 2016s Based Upon a Real Story, preferred fabulism and absurdism over being an entirely proper-and-true autobiography. Fans just got a passing peek into the ace comics life — if any genuine peek at all — when he carried out on phase, and the depths of his personal privacy showed to be stunning and destructive when it was revealed that Macdonald died in September, at 61, after a personal, almost decade-long fight with intense leukemia. And even a number of months after his death, were still finding long-kept tricks from the late comic.


As THR exposed, Macdonald liked to keep the surprises coming. Particularly, the Grunt Work star/writer shot one last, secret stand-up unique, completely in his living space, in the summer of 2020. The ailing comic was dealing with a brand-new Netflix funny hour when he required to go to the healthcare facility and the test outcomes were not looking great. Fearing the worst, Macdonald chose to movie his unique on the night prior to his treatment. He wished to “get this on tape just in case — as he put it — things went south,” according to Lori Jo Hoekstra, Macdonalds veteran producing partner.

Due to the pandemic, no locations were open or readily available to tape the late-in-the-game unique. So, Macdonald decided to movie the entire thing in one long single take in his home, without any audience, to get it out of his system, simply in case the operation showed deadly. When the surgical treatment showed effective, Macdonald chose to toss this recording “in a closet.” Nevertheless, when Macdonalds health continued to stop working, it quickly emerged that he wasnt going to have the ability to movie the unique in front of an audience correct. It was then that Macdonald asked Hoekstra to discover the video footage they shot so that the comic might re-evaluate it.

SNL Weekend Update Commemorates Standard Macdonald

When Macdonald saw the video footage, he developed a fittingly self-deprecating title: Absolutely Nothing Unique. Now, a little 7 months after the comic passed away, Netflix will be launching Standard Macdonald: Absolutely Nothing Unique on May 30th. While Netflix has actually ended up being a quite typical breeding place for popular stand-up specials, Absolutely Nothing Unique might represent a very first for the service — and for funny in basic. As the short article notes, its tough to consider a contrast to something like this. Even Bo Burnham: Inside, from 2021, doesnt look like a correct contrast to this secret recording.

Heres what Hoekstra stated about this last Macdonald special:

From the different discussions Ive had within our circle of buddies in funny and producing, nobody has actually become aware of any comparsion to this [situation] — not even close… It makes me so delighted that I can share it, however likewise so unfortunate that we cant share it with him. He didnt do this for the shock that it exists. He shot it since he enjoyed his product and was so happy with his product. He worked so tough and it actually wouldve troubled him to have actually done all that work and not had the ability to reveal everyone. He did it for the stand-up. I simply hope people value that he did this.

In addition to Standards last hour, the program will likewise consist of clips from the current Netflix Is a Joke Fest, where Adam Sandler, Conan OBrien, Dave Chapelle, David Letterman, David Spade, and Molly Shannon talked about the late comedian-collaborator and his enduring comical tradition. The discussion was taped previously this month.

Whether it was with a punchline, a poignant line of idea, or his unfortunate death, Macdonald constantly understood how to shock people, and this discovered unique is simply another example — if unfortunately the last.

Standard Macdonald: Absolutely Nothing Unique will premiere on Netflix on May 30th.