“Star Wars” Day: How About Looking At The Star Wars Movies Behind The Scenes?

Rare behind-the-scenes photos of Star Wars movies!

Today is May 4, World Star Wars Day!
Star Wars fans celebrate May 4 as World Star Wars Day every year to keep Star Wars culture alive and commemorate the movie. The choice of the date of May 4 for this special day is due to a word game in English.
The classic of the movie “May the force be with youBased on the similarity of the word “force” in the sentence (May the force be with you) to the pronunciation of the word “fourth” and the wishful “may” in the original sentence, it also means “May”.May the fourth be with you“” is a word joke. This date is also known as “Luke Skywalker” day.
In honor of World Star Wars Day, we wanted to remember this phenomenon series that no one will get tired of watching. Let’s see what we will discover in the rare photos collected from behind the scenes of all the movies in the series.
May the Force Be With You!

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