Star Wars Millennium Falcon Wireless Charger Is On Sale

Star Wars Millennium Falcon Wireless Charger Is On Sale

Are you charging your iPhone or Android device on a highly detailed replica of the Millennium Falcon for Star Wars? If not, can you even call yourself a Star Wars fan? Fortunately, you can get on the right track thanks to GameStop, who have an exclusive on this charger and currently have it on sale right here for $25 as part of a 20% off deal on Star Wars, DC, Anime, Transformers & Power Rangers collectibles. A flash sale on top of the deal has brought the price down even further.

The Millennium Falcon wireless charge pad looks fantastic – the thrusters even glow blue when your device is fully charged. It even has great reviews, which seems to be rare for novelty electronics like this.


While you’re at it, Hasbro‘s Star Wars Boba Fett Slave I The Vintage Collection vehicle is also part of GameStop’s sale. It’s been priced at $149.99 since launching last year, though sites like Amazon are currently charging more for it. However, GameStop currently has it in stock for $119.99 with free shipping. You can shop GameStop’s entire sale right here while it lasts.

As you may have heard, Disney is dropping the Slave I moniker from merchandise, choosing to refer to the classic Star Wars vehicle as Boba Fett‘s Starship from here on out. This is one of the last major toys to officially use the name.

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