Star Wars: Seth Green Celebrates the Growing Acceptance Among the Young Fandom

Star Wars: Seth Green Celebrates the Growing Acceptance Among the Young Fandom

The original Star Wars trilogy was a major cultural revolution, but in the years after their release, their sci-fi nature resulted in their fandom largely only being embraced by certain communities, though Star Wars: The Clone Wars actor Seth Green recently expressed his relief that recent years and the impressive output from Lucasfilm has changed the perception of fans of the series. Of course, Star Wars and its fans never really went anywhere, but thanks to the popularity of The Mandalorian and the various animated series, he isn’t as worried about his own kids being bullied by anyone for loving the franchise and its fantastical worlds.

“People who’ve never watched Star Wars watched The Mandalorian and were like, ‘What do you know about the Darksaber?’ And I was like, ‘Well, let me tell you about a great series called The Clone Wars,'” Green explained to Entertainment Weekly. “So it’s been a thrill to see all these characters come to live-action. And I’m so excited for stuff like the Ahsoka series and the Obi-Wan series, and the other. Come on, we’re winning so hardcore, I can’t even take it. I used to get my ass kicked with my own Star Wars metal lunchbox. My kids are never going to have to fight because they’re wearing a Jedi robe to school. That feels like a kind of victory.”

He added, “I love that Star Wars is getting this treatment in television, and I love that it’s being given this level of quality, this level of cinema. And also, it’s so exciting to watch The Mandalorian inspire all of this investigation into other places.”

Throughout his career, Green has been involved in the franchise in a number of ways, from providing voices for characters to developing the shelves animated series Star Wars Detours. As far as whether we can expect to see Green join the live-action series, he’s not counting on it, but he’s surely open to it.

“I’m not opposed to playing something,” the actor confirmed. “There just hasn’t been something that’s come up that any of the people who are making it, highly competent people obviously, have thought that I’d fit into. And I don’t really contest that. My greatest patience as an actor is knowing when I really love a director or a writer, not being a part of their vision isn’t a comment on my quality, and when the time comes, if it comes, I’ll be there.”


Stay tuned for details on the future of the Star Wars saga.

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