Star Wars: Shadow of the Sith exposed a Sith Lord Deadlier than Palpatine

Star Wars: Shadow of the Sith exposed a Sith Lord Deadlier than Palpatine
Star Wars: Shadow of the Sith exposed a Sith Lord Deadlier than Palpatine

In Adam Christopher’s Star Wars: Shadow of the Sith novel, a Sith Lord deadlier than Emperor Palpatine combated Luke Skywalker prior to The Force Awakens.

In the Star Wars annals, it’s secure to claim Emperor Palpatine was rather a threatening Sith Lord. After killing Darth Plageuis, he took his master’s secrets and also outlined to manage the galaxy. It was a two-pronged approach, functioning politics to transform the Republic into the Empire and likewise running his lab behind the scenes in order to stay immortal– which led to his return in The Rise of Skywalker. Through all this, whether as an Imperial leader, a person performing the Clone Wars, or a shadow leader of the First Order, Palpatine showed immense power as Darth Sidious. Thanks to Star Wars: Shadow of the Sith, a Sith Lord deadlier than Palpatine came to the fore.

Adam Christopher’s novel acts as an innovator to Star Wars: Episode VII– The Force Awakens, outlining Luke Skywalker, as a Jedi Master, assisting Lando Calrissian track his little girl. They didn’t understand they were also chasing Rey’s family members, which ultimately ran them afoul of a Sith cult. They wound up battling Kiza of Corellia in the Unknown Regions at a Sith area called Sepulchre.

There, the mask of Exim Panshard was exposed, real estate a Sith viceroy that eliminated numerous in his past life. Stated in Chuck Wendig’s Star Wars: Aftermath tales, Komat (a defector from the Acolytes of the Beyond) validated her Sith disciples venerated Kiza, who got the mask that Panshard’s spirit eventually went into. The cult was intending to reanimate the slave driver, with Kiza even cutting down her very own in a civil battle.

Currently, the mask was encouraging her greatly, to the point that its essence shot across the galaxy, penetrating Luke’s mind. Panshard was able to transport Luke to Exegol one time, where his wraiths attacked the Jedi. Thankfully, Anakin’s ghost saved his kid, yet now, both Skywalkers acknowledged this lord was one of the most hazardous one around. Luke recognized he had to stop him ASAP because if he reached Exegol and revived his true type, not only might he weaponize the technology and magical antiques there, however he could also tap into the kyber crystals as well as end up being unstoppable.

It finished in two battles, the initial at Kiza’s forge, which finished with her defeat. Nonetheless, her droids worked the heater as well as reclaimed her body after Luke went down the center down on her. They merged her with the mask from the liquified lava, including cybernetic parts in a homage to when Palpatine suited up Vader. But this moment, Kiza’s corpse had complete access to the lord’s power, sensing the kyber crystals Luke had when he mosted likely to the Taw Provode moon. Now a full-on character, Panshard went and possessed the body after Luke and co., cracking the ground up, creating quakes and making use of Force telekinesis, the similarity which Luke as well as Komat had actually never ever seen before in Star Wars.

Panshard didn’t require lightning due to the fact that he was lugging boulders and also tossing satellites in a manner that would certainly make Avengers: Infinity War’s Thanos proud. Additionally, he had not been decrepit and frail like a cloned Palpatine– Panshard was briefly reborn as a one-man-army. Shockingly, Luke battled to cope with the bad guy, realizing Panshard’s web link to the dark side and also his mission to make use of the crystals and also restore the Sith Eternal on Exegol was too strong, even for him. Paradoxically, Panshard’s stamina would certainly be his downfall because his quakes permitted large snakes to strike him.

Even when he disguised his voice, making it appear like he was Kiza requiring help, Luke understood far better. The Jedi damaged the mask, severing the web link and also leaving Kiza’s body to be consumed. He took the mask back home, wanting to research exactly how such a spirit could be never-ceasing considering that he ‘d never ever experienced power like that before, not even from Palpatine. Ultimately, though, it wasn’t a smart relocation because Panshard was so never-ceasing that he was subtly damaging Luke’s link to the Force, foreshadowing the difficulty to come at his holy place with Ben as well as the autumn of the brand-new Jedi Order.

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