Star Wars: The Clone Wars Actor Addresses Joining Live-Action Project

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Actor Addresses Joining Live-Action Project

Star Wars: The Bad Batch is currently in full swing on Disney+, releasing new episodes of the animated series on Fridays. The new series picks up right where Star Wars: The Clone Wars left off, so fans of the original animated series have seen the return of some fan-favorite characters. The eighth and ninth episodes of The Bad Batch, “Reunion” and “Bounty Lost,” saw the return of Seth Green as Todo 360, a character he also voiced on The Clone Wars. During a recent chat with Entertainment Weekly, Green compared his character to Jacob from Twilight and talked about the possibility of being in a live-action Star Wars project.

“Well, let’s look at me realistically,” Green replied when asked if he’d want to play a Jedi, bounty hunter, or something else in Star Wars. “I know what the audience is going to buy. That’s the thing. You get a little bit of an earn with it, Star Wars, the way that Simon Pegg played a huge creature in a suit. You could get super-messed up and be built into a puppet in a chair and play something really exotic. That’d be fun too. Or Lupita Nyong’o played that character that’s entirely CG, even though she filmed it with the dots for the camera. So I’m not opposed to playing something. There just hasn’t been something that’s come up that any of the people who are making it, highly competent people obviously, have thought that I’d fit into. And I don’t really contest that. My greatest patience as an actor is knowing when I really love a director or a writer, not being a part of their vision isn’t a comment on my quality, and when the time comes, if it comes, I’ll be there.”

As for his comment about Twilight, here’s what Green had to say when asked why Todo 360 puts up with the abuse from Cad Bane.

“He really does, but Cad Bane is also his guy. It’s a little like imprinting on a baby or an animal. Wasn’t it the whole point of the sequel to Twilight is that Jacob imprinted on the kid, and none of their conflicts mattered anymore? That’s where Todo is coming from. I really think Todo is a lot more like Jacob than anybody gives him credit for. [Laughs] I hope that’s the slug line for this article.”


Star Wars: The Bad Batch‘s first ten episodes are now streaming on Disney+. If you haven’t signed up for Disney+ yet, you can try it out here.

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