Strange for RK Suresh’s Malayalam remake .. How is it?

This weirdo is a remake of the hugely successful Malayalam movie Joseph. The film is directed by Padmakumar and stars producer and actor RK Suresh in the lead role. The film is produced by director Bala.

He is careful not to spoil the story and has directed the film with the same director. That is why the film is clearly shot without any artificiality.

And some remake Malayalam movies and inject some stuff into it for Tamil fans. But the film reveals the plot of the original Malayalam film without anything like that.

According to the story, the film focuses on the life of RK Suresh, a police officer. Being an honest officer he is getting VRS and living. The film tells the story of how he handles the mysteries of the death of someone very close to him and its knots.

RK Suresh and Poorna are the strong side to the story of this film. They both absorb the character for themselves and give it an athletic feel. In that sense, Purna’s performance is commendable.

The scenes featured in the film and the music of GV Prakash have added extra strength. All in all, this weird movie is a must watch movie for RK Suresh’s acting and excellent direction.

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