‘Stranger Things’ fans share their ideas for a Hawkins ‘what happens if…?’

‘Stranger Things’ fans share their ideas for a Hawkins ‘what happens if…?’
‘Stranger Things’ fans share their ideas for a Hawkins ‘what happens if…?’

It’s risk-free to claim that the globe of Stranger Things is far more than fulfills the eye. There’s websites to parallel dimensions ravaged with beasts, middle-schoolers with powerful psychic capacities, as well as individuals that are still in some way not going to take Joyce Byers at her word, who understands what else could be out there?

We’re bound to obtain a few responses sometime after season five, when the Duffers reveal whatever they have formulated for a spinoff, however exactly how might the Hawkins canon appearance if simply one detail was fine-tuned? Motivated by Marvel Studios’ What If …?, r/StrangerThings have required to pitching their situations for a Stranger Things version of the idea.

Possibly the most scary pitch involved Steve obtaining hired by the Mind Flayer rather than Billy throughout the occasions of season 3. The injury from that situation would no doubt spread far and wide; not just is Steve among the show’s most cherished personalities, yet seeing his relationship with the kids break down like that would be absolutely nothing short of heartbreaking.

A much less terrible pointer involved the concern of Eleven somehow regaining her powers when she tried to use them on Angela earlier in season four. It would certainly have meant far more difficulty for Eleven, no doubt, but we imagine a good numerous audiences would’ve applauded for any type of discomfort suffered by Angela.

And in the near-perfect intersection between turmoil, scary incomprehension, as well as gut-busting humor, we have this pointer from redditor Suzy-Creamcheez.

The Duffers are just a click away from filling their notebooks with plenty of suggestions for canon aberration if there is a Stranger Things multiverse. Directly, we would certainly leap to watch Australian Vecna in half a heartbeat.

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