Stranger Things follower Spots a Heartbreaking Eddie Munson Easter Egg

Stranger Things follower Spots a Heartbreaking Eddie Munson Easter Egg
Stranger Things follower Spots a Heartbreaking Eddie Munson Easter Egg

An eagle-eyed Stranger Things fan highlights a small detail in Season 4 that shows up to foreshadow the destiny of breakout character Eddie Munson.

An eagle-eyed Stranger Things follower just detected a heartbreaking Easter egg that shows up to foreshadow the fatality of Eddie Munson in Season 4, Volume 2.

Self-described Munson fan Kiersten Farris recently tweeted a close-up of the character’s until-now forgotten forearm tattoo, which portrays a flock of bats. While this detail remains in keeping with Eddie’s fascination with both heavy metal and dream role-playing, it also seems to mean his demise at the fangs of the Upside Down dimension’s bat-like creatures in Season 4’s finale, “Chapter Nine: The Piggyback.” stranger Things developers Matt and also Ross Duffer have yet to publicly discuss whether this noticeable instance of foreshadowing is intentional.

Portrayed by Joseph Quinn, Eddie Munson was the breakout personality of Season 4. Quinn has formerly expressed rate of interest in returning for Stranger Things’ 5th and final season, joking that he’ll be outraged if The Duffers don’t include him. Quinn repeating the Eddie function in Stranger Things Season 5 stays pure speculation at this phase.

While Quinn’s Stranger Things future remains unpredictable, his co-star Sadie Sink is virtually guaranteed to return in spite of reports that Max Mayfield would pass away in Season 4. These rumors were greatly fueled by a follower account tweet that included behind the curtain photos of Sink in terrible eye make-up, relatively validating her destiny at the end of Volume 2. It soon transpired that these images were tackled the collection of Netflix’s Fear Street trilogy, nevertheless, and also the ending itself disclosed that Max inevitably survives her 2nd experience with new bad guy Vecna.

Shooting scenes with Vecna could be a painful experience for Stranger Things’ young actors, according to the actor that portrays the corpse-like baddie, Jamie Campbell Bower. “They brought her up right into a position where she’s bound. She would not look at me and also she was noticeably just revolted by the whole thing.”

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