Stranger Things Honest Trailer Slips Into Season 4 Horror References

Stranger Things Honest Trailer Slips Into Season 4 Horror References
Stranger Things Honest Trailer Slips Into Season 4 Horror References

The Honest Trailer for Season 4 of Stranger Things mentioned a variety of classic horror movie affects on the season, as well as the Netflix reveal general.

Together with its typical ridiculing stabs, Screen Junkies’ Honest Trailer also illuminated a number of references (or maybe homages) in Stranger Things’ 4th season to preferred horror movies, sometimes even to the same video camera shots. Not the main emphasis of the video, the seven-minute humor video clip does go out of its means to highlight the parallels between Season 4 and also the horror franchise business that precede it. While it is obvious that Stranger Things is a love letter to 80s category fiction, each season brings its very own distinct impacts, as well as Season 4’s Honest Trailer underscores each one.

The trailer rapidly accentuates how much of an influence the jobs of Stephen King are on Stranger Things, given how many of King’s stories and also the program’s title cards use the weird ITC Benguiat font style. Next, it mentions the similar camera shots made use of when Stranger Things’ lead characters visit the Creel house, which clearly look like scenes from 2017’s It (based on King’s story of the exact same name), and comparable shots of Season 4 villain Vecna and also Doctor Sleep’s Rose the Hat. The latter movie, a follow up to King’s The Shining, also dealt with Stranger Things themes of psychic powers and also childhood years injury.

In addition, the Honest Trailer highlights Stranger Things’ financial obligation to King’s Firestarter as well as Carrie. The impact of Firestarter is prevalent throughout the series, as Eleven’s personality arc as well as powers have a great deal in common with Charlie McGee. Also small yet reoccuring themes like bleeding eyes and noses could be subtle responds to Firestarter and its 1984 movie adjustment. The Season 4 subplot of Eleven being relentlessly humiliated by bullies is extremely similar to Carrie, whose unfortunate lead character endures similar misuse and eventually lashes out with her own telekinetic capacities.

The impact of the Halloween franchise also gets a nod, by means of a brief clip of fan favorite Eddie Munson wearing Max’s Michael Myers mask. Visitors might likewise recall an explicit referral to the Haddonfield slasher in Chapter 2: “Vecna’s Curse,” when Eddie’s uncle contrasts neighborhood boogeyman Victor Creel to Michael Myers. Creel obtains a Hannibal Lecter-esque intro which brings to mind 1991’s The Silence of the Lambs.

Since its very first season, Stranger Things has actually developed a custom of tributes to 80s horror, which the most up to date episodes continue with restored interest via subtle Easter eggs like Jonathan’s Evil Dead poster. As Screen Junkies explains, these impacts are as clear as they are comprehensive.

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