Sudha Kongara puts an end to rumors! He is the hero in the great movie ..

Lead Director Sudha Kongra

Director Sudha Kongara is one of the most important directors in Tamil cinema.

Also, Sudha is currently working on a Hindi remake of the film praising Kongra Sura.

In this context, it was recently officially announced that the next film to be directed by Sudha Kongra will be produced by Hombale Films, which produced KGF Films.

The protagonist of the epic film

It is yet to be announced who will be the protagonist in the upcoming film. Also, various rumors have been circulating that actors including Rakshit Shetty and Ajith may be cast in the film.

But in the latest interview currently being given by Sudha Kongra, I will definitely be working on the next film with Surya. The film is many times bigger than the film praising the hero, it will be a film that embraces a real event.

He also said he would work on the film for at least five or three years. With this in mind, Sudha Kongra will finish her Hindi film and direct Surya’s next.

Hombale Films has announced that their next film will be directed by Sudha Kongra, so there is no doubt that it will be a Surya – Sudha Kongra film.

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