Sudha Kongara to take on the double hero subject.

Sudha Kongara, who has given hits like Suraraipporu and Finals in Tamil, is currently directing another film. The film is to be produced by Homebell, the company that produced the blockbuster film KGF.

The announcement was made by the production company a few days ago. Since then many stories about the story and cast of the film have been stirring up social media. Already Sudha Kongara has said that the hero of her next film is definitely Surya.

Their alliance is seen as a successful alliance through the film Praise the Warrior. In that sense Sudha Kongra was going to direct a story centered on a true incident and Surya would be fit for that challenging story.

According to the latest information available, the film will focus on a historical event and will be shot as a double hero subject. Surya plays one of its characters. Talks are on with actor Ajith to play another important character.

The production company, which had made huge profits with the KGF film, is now in the process of making this film as well. In that sense this film is also expected to be a major film to be talked about in India.

That’s why the production company is currently planning to move the piece. It is yet to be decided whether Ajith will agree to star in this story. Because he is currently acting as a comedian in subsequent films. But the production company is currently working hard to persuade him anyway.

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