Sudha Kongra – KGF Producer Alliance! The hero is this Tamil actor

KGF2 movie is currently rocking the Indian box office. The box office success of the film starring Yash has been shocking the Bollywood film industry day by day. It has come as a surprise to many that South Indian films are making such a record collection.

Sudha Kongara – Hombale Films Alliance

KGF Producer Hombale Films has officially announced that it will be teaming up with director Sudha Kongra next.

In the final round, anticipation is high as Hombale Films has teamed up with him to direct films praising Sura.

Who is the hero?

Like KGF, they are going to make this film as a pan pania film. It has been reported that Surya is playing the hero in this film. Thus Surya fans are in celebration.

GV Prakash is also set to compose music for the film. However this will only be confirmed if an official announcement comes.

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