Suhana Khan On Aryan Khan’s Arrest: Shah Rukh Khan’s Sister Feeling Sick – See Latest | Khatrimaza

Suhana Khan On Aryan Khan’s Arrest: Shah Rukh Khan’s Sister Feeling Sick – See Latest | Khatrimaza

After the arrest of Shahrukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan, sister Suhana Khan is in a bad condition. According to media reports, Suhana is taking moment-to-moment updates about her brother Aryan Khan from father Shah Rukh and mother Gauri Khan.

It is being told that Suhana is very upset about her brother and keeps asking about him. It is also being said that Suhana Khan is calling mother Gauri Khan every hour to know the condition of her brother Aryan Khan.

She is also worried about her father Shahrukh Khan. According to the report, ever since Suhana came to know that father Shah Rukh Khan is neither able to sleep nor eat properly after the arrest of her brother, she has become even more worried. Suhana has also sought permission from father Shahrukh Khan to come to India.

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However, Shah Rukh does not want her to return just now. It is also being claimed in the news that Suhana has become ill after Aryan Khan’s arrest. She is very worried about his brother. It is also being said that as soon as Suhana Khan came to know about the arrest of brother Aryan Khan, she immediately wanted to fly back to India.

However, Shah Rukh and Gauri decide that Suhana should not return to Mumbai for now. It is worth noting that ever since the name of Shahrukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan has come in the drug case, then the whole family is troubled. Shahrukh is constantly trying that his son gets bail.

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For this, he has also changed his lawyer. It is also being said that Shah Rukh and Gauri do not want this to affect the routine of younger son AbRam as he is too young to understand all this. Every member of the Khan family is upset by this incident. At the same time, Shahrukh Khan is getting support from the film industry. Many celebrities are standing in his favor and saying that Aryan Khan is being targeted for being Shahrukh’s son.

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