Sunny buys 16 crore house in Mumbai Quote – ‘Who cares how much is spent’

Mumbai– Actress Sunny Leone bought a luxurious house in Mumbai last year. The house of the actress was very expensive. According to Mumbai reports, Sunny bought the house for Rs 16 crore. Now Sunny has given her reaction.


“I think it’s up to the media to verify before they share any data,” Sunny said. Who cares how much someone is spending on their home. Sometimes people make an issue without talking. I don’t think it makes any difference to me if my family likes home. We chose the home we wanted for ourselves and our children. We are very happy about that. “


It is to be mentioned that Sunny shared this information with the fans by sharing some pictures of her new home on July 14, 2021. With this, the actress wrote, “We have come here, Baby Love.” A new chapter of our life will begin in India. I love this house and the life we ​​have built. This beautiful house is working with our three children to put icing in the cake.


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