Sunny Leone to try her hand at standup comedy, actress shares experience
Movies - December 11, 2021

Sunny Leone to try her hand at standup comedy, actress shares experience

Now soon One Mic Stand Season 2 is going to start. The show is making headlines with double fun, jokes and double star power offers. Here popular people from all walks of life will come under one roof and try their hand at standup comedy. The trailer of the much-loved show was released on Friday. The show features a number of well-known comedians who have mentored some of the most talented individuals from many backgrounds. Sunny Leone, who is a major part of Bollywood-town, has featured in some great films in Bollywood-town and is now all set to try her hand at standup comedy, about which she shares her feelings .

Sunny Leone shared, “I love stand-up comedy and have seen many shows here and internationally as well. It feels so simple and natural to see a comedian perform on stage, but connecting with the audience and really making it happen How difficult it is to make them. Making them laugh at every joke is something I have learned very closely now. As an artist, I always want to try new things and show my skills in more than one way to the audience, So when I got a chance to be in One Mic Stand 2, I grabbed it like a hawk.”

She said, “I always try to show my different sides to my fans and my audience which is why I was instantly attracted to the show. I thoroughly enjoyed the last season of One Mic Stand, I thought That it was hilarious, was it amazing presented by celebrity guests, so there was pressure to match that level. I’m used to remembering and delivering long dialogue, but performing live would have had its own thrills Is.”


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