Super Sharanya movie review: Why is Sharanya Super?


The trailer and the tune ‘Ashubha Mangalakari’ from Proper Sharanya generated pastime amongst viewers, with many assuming that it’s a long way a film narrated from the attitude of a college girl. The scenes of the tune had sensible visuals of a girls’ hostel and bonding between hostel mates, which used to be refreshing to search for as our makers mostly point out hostel life from a male standpoint.

Nonetheless, curiously used to be the total innovation that the director and scriptwriter of Proper Sharanya, Girish AD, had in thoughts. Barely than a boy, he took a girl as his lead after which served us a storyline a lot like that of his first film, Thaneer Mathan Dinangal, which used to be a shock hit. Barely than a college in Thaneer Mathan Dinangal, Proper Sharanya makes use of an engineering college as the environment. Anashwara Rajan, who performed the feminine lead in that film, is forged in the titular operate of Sharanya in this film. Nonetheless, it’s never explained why she is called ‘Proper Sharanya’. The film, which looked fancy a campus caper told from the attitude of Sharanya’s life from the songs and trailers, is factual one other like yarn narrated in a candid and droll arrangement, fancy Girish’s first film.

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The film starts by following Sharanya, who is struggling to adjust in her college in Thrissur and the least bit times finds causes to head again to her village in Palakkad. The interactions of Sharanya alongside with her hostel roommates in the preliminary facets of the film are enticing and droll. Diversified than that, the entire self-discipline revolves around Sharanya’s like life and the arrangement she evades the undesirable like interests in her college.

The comedy in the film comes from the personality named Ajith Menon – a satirical and troll-fancy depiction of the film and personality, Arjun Reddy. Ajith Menon is a lot like Arjun Reddy, who used to be closely criticised by many for romanticising and glorifying misogyny and toxic masculinity.

Ajith Menon gadgets eyes on Sharanya and tries to set up his authority over her without her consent or permission factual on yarn of he’s the faculty hero with enrage management elements — fancy Arjun Reddy’s problematic personality. There’s a young college professor named Arun and a classmate of Sharanya named Sangeeth, performed by Thannir Mathan fame actor Naslen, who are also making an allowance for Sharanya. Nonetheless, she falls for a random guy named Deepu, and from then on, the film turns genuine into a predictable, unhurried and stagnant like yarn.

There’s no personality vogue in the storyline, even for the lead personality Sharanya. She’s confirmed as a village girl who is low on self-self perception at the originate up of the film and there’s no vogue of her personality except the discontinue. Basically the most efficient necessary 2d is when she tells Ajith Menon to his face that he is ineffective, after he has been beaten up by Sharanya’s boyfriend Deepu and his chums. Though the film ridicules Arjun Reddy fancy personality, in the discontinue Sharnya falls for a man who is soft on the delivery air however has a history of violence, which looked a chunk ironic.

Your entire actors in the film construct justice to their characters and their performances produce the film enticing. Sharanya is noble in the fingers of Anashwara whose knack for comedy is evident again. Arjun Ashokan also achieve up a convincing performance as Deepu, in particular in romantic scenes.

The songs quiet by Justin Varghese are refreshing and sail successfully with the yarn. Sajith Purushan’s cinematography also helps the sensible story form of the film.

The film would have been grand extra animated and more straightforward to ogle if the director would possibly perchance well have told a almost empty self-discipline in a shorter time, as adversarial to stretching it for nearly three hours.

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