Super update on Vijay’s 66th movie – is he there too?

It would have taken him many years for junior general Vijay to get this name. He initially faced bad criticism and has now grown to another level.

There are no achievements that his films have not made, Rajini is followed by Vijay.

Beast Release

The trailer of Vijay’s Beast movie has been released on the 2nd and has been making many achievements on YouTube. On the other hand, after 10 years, the interview given by Vijay Sun on TV will be aired soon.

The fans are waiting for that.

Vijay’s 66th Image Update

Updates on Vijay’s Beast movie are coming this time. Now the information is that the puja of the 66th film of Commander is going to take place tomorrow and the test shoot has already taken place.

Yogi Babu is said to be committed to co-starring with Vijay in the film as well.

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