Superman and Lois Episode 12: What to Expect?


In the previous episode of ‘Superman & Lois,’ Clark recoils into a series of flashbacks dating back to his teenage days. He discovers that Joe-El is his father, after which he is briefed about his real identity and the abilities he possesses. After letting the truth seep in, Clark sets out to Metropolis looking for a new life, and that is where he meets Lois. To know what happens next, you can refer to the recap at the end. In case you’re updated, you can check out the release date and other details for ‘Superman & Lois’ episode 12!

Superman & Lois Episode 12 Release Date

‘Superman & Lois’ episode 12 will release on July 13, 2021, at 9/8c on The CW. Every episode of the show is around 60 minutes long.

Where to Watch Superman & Lois Episode 12 Online?

Fans can watch ‘Superman & Lois’ episode 12 as and when it premieres on The CW at the aforementioned date and time. The episode will be available to stream on The CW’s official website and The CW app one day after it airs on television. Cord-cutters looking to live stream the twelfth episode can do so on DirecTVYoutube TV, and Fubo TV. You can also check for the availability of older seasons on these streamers. In addition, you can buy/rent the episodes on VOD platforms such as iTunesVudu, and Amazon Prime Video.

Superman & Lois Episode 12 Spoilers

‘Superman & Lois’ episode 12 is titled ‘Through The Valley Of Death.’ In the episode, we will see a different side of Superman emerge as Metropolis faces a new tragedy. Lois will phone John to inform him about Superman being turned. As the new Superman has a family to fight for, the city might lose more than what’s imaginable. Lois will prepare the kids for one last battle. Here’s a promo for the next episode!

Superman & Lois Episode 11 Recap

In episode 11 of ‘Superman & Lois’ titled ‘A Brief Reminiscence In-Between Cataclysmic Events,’ we get pulled into a flashback of Clark visiting the Fortress and learning that Jor-El is his father. He slowly begins to tap into his Superman mode, and teenager Clark vanishes, leaving behind the Clark we know. He heads home to his mother, motivating him to achieve his calling. After winning his first mission of saving Smallville, Clark joins The Daily Planet, where he meets Lois and falls in love with her.

With time, Clark also lets her in on his powers as their love grows stronger with each passing day. One day, they finally get pregnant and learn that they’re having twins. Cut to the present, Clark experiences a pull in another corner of his brain, telling him that none of this is real. Edge has infiltrated his mind, and now, he wants to hurt the kids in case Superman fails to surrender. Edge, who is revealed to be Tal-Rho, wants to know why he would disregard his Kryptonian family. Clark admits that he talked to Lara, who is confident that her other son would survive.

Tal-Rho then destroys the Sunstone, wiping out Jor-El, and they start to fight. Elsewhere, Kyle is positive that the entire town will now blame him after all that has transpired. As Sarah and Jordan overcome all the problems one by one, she admits that she wants them to be more than friends. Jordan happily reciprocates. Tal-Rho torments the Kents one last time before vowing to kill them. As the episode closes, Clark meets with Tal-Rho’s father, who enquires about the eradicator, and Lois makes a call to John Henry Irons notifying him about it. She thinks Superman has turned.

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