Superman & Lois’s Alexander Garfin on What Makes Jordan’s Relationship Different From Other Arrowverse Romances

Superman & Lois’s Alexander Garfin on What Makes Jordan’s Relationship Different From Other Arrowverse Romances

Throughout the Arrowverse’s nearly ten-year history, most of the “designated couples” — that is, the ships that drive a lot of the intrigue and whose relationship sometimes conflicts with other aspects of the narrative — have been the title leads of the show. Whether it’s Oliver and Felicity on Arrow, Barry and Iris on The Flash, or the relationship challenges facing characters like Batwoman and Sara Lance, it’s usually a superhero who is fairly front and center whose “will they or won’t they?” the fans get to enjoy. On Superman & Lois, though, the title characters are happily married, and that’s unlikely to change anytime soon.

Enter Jordan Kent (Alexander Garfin), the son of Lois and Clark, whose relationship with Sarah Cushing (Inde Navarrette) has been a thread since the show’s pilot. This week, we get a pretty Jordan-heavy episode, and so we spoke with Garfin about what it’s like to be the “main” ship in a Superman show.

“It’s been some of the most fun things I’ve ever done in my life,” Garfin told ComicBook. “I think nurturing that early awkwardness — that 14 year old ,’the girl, the girl,’ that whole thing — was a lot of fun, and then seeikng them grow more comfortable with one another and really find each other. Really, I think they’re the first two people that really understood each other personally.”

He also said that while they might be the primary “ship” on the show, there’s a big difference between theirs and most of the superhero series on The CW.

“Unlike the rest of these Arrowverse shows, in which the headline couple obviously has to deal with all the superhero problems, [Jordan and Sarah are] kind of just dealing with growing up. I think that make them relatable, and makes the whole thing a lot more grounded, which I absolutely love.”


Tonight, Jordan will face some of the hardest challenges to face the Kent family yet this season. With Superman captured by his half-brother and facing the possibility of having his humanity “eradicated” to make room for a darker, more malevolent Kryptonian force, Jordan stands as the last super-powered member of the family. How will he help John Henry Irons, John Diggle, Lois, and the rest try to stop Superman from destroying the world? That’s anybody’s guess.

The episode will air tonight at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW, following tonight’s new episode of The Flash, which marks 150 episodes of the show and will feature the first appearance of Impulse (Jordan Fisher).

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