Superstar shocked by the collection hunt .. Officially announced by Sun Pictures

Sun Pictures is currently taking a keen interest in directing films with many leading actors. In that sense, Sun Pictures last year produced the movie Annatha with superstar Rajinikanth. Leopard Siva directed the film.

The film, which was shot with full brother and sister sentiment, starred Rajini alongside many stars including Keerthi Suresh, Khushbu, Meena and Pandiyarajan. Released last Diwali, the film was well received by the fans.

Fans flocked to the theaters to see the film despite the impact of the rain. Also, the film, which was being made as a Pakka Family Entertainer, did well within a few days of its release.

But at the time, Annatta’s film was said to be a failure. So many mixed reviews of the film arose then. However the production company has not officially announced what the collections of the film will be.

Sun Pictures has now officially announced the collection of the upcoming film. It has been reported that the film has grossed nearly Rs 150 crore in India.

Not only that, the film has grossed Rs 220 crore worldwide. Rajinikanth’s fans are currently celebrating with this news. They have been trending this information on social media that Adaramna should be like this.

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