Support from Hazal Kaya to Melis Sezen!

Melis Sezen, who came to the agenda after a former deputy spoke about her outfit, also received support from Hazal Kaya.

Known for her portrayal of Derin in the TV series “Unfaithful”, Melis Sezen received the Shining Star Award at the Golden Butterfly Award Ceremony last December and came to the fore both with her outfit and her speech on social media.

Although months have passed, Melis Sezen’s choice of clothes for the Golden Butterfly night has once again been on the agenda. Former MHP Deputy Ahmet Çakar talked about the awards night in a discussion program he attended and argued that Sezen committed a “lawful crime” by wearing a low-cut dress.

Çakar said, “There is a girl who plays in the TV series called This is Unfaithful. I don’t know her name. They called her to a gala the other day. She wore a dress, that outfit is a legal crime. And it is a crime that is not subject to complaint. Because the cleavage of the chest shows itself completely in open society. There is no bra, the cleavage has gone down to the navel, so this is the danika of immorality.

While the reactions to Çakar on social media and messages of support for Melis Sezen grew, a support for the young actress came from her colleague Hazal Kaya. In his post on his Twitter account, Kaya said, “You are sitting, husband and wife lawyers, are you talking about the decollete and body of a woman who is the age of your grandchild? Isn’t violence against women a crime? Or targeting them? If there is a crime, you are the guilty one. Drown in your morals…”

Melis Sezen, born in 1997, starred in TV series such as “Life is Sometimes Sweet”, “Black Pearl”, “Stain”, “Independence or Death”, as well as in the movie “Champion for Us” and Netflix’s “Fatma” series. The famous actor also published “Mask Who Are You?” He was a member of the jury in the competition.

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