Suriya 41: Star hero big mind .. free house for them

There is nothing special to be said about the Kollywood star hero Surya. Surya has a good reputation in Kollywood not only as a real hero but also as a real hero. Surya is helping many poor people through charities. He is educating many children through the Agaram Foundation. Recently, Surya once again expressed his generosity. Currently this hero .. Telsinde is the subject of a movie opening in director Bala Kambo. Surya will be seen as a fisherman in the film, which opens as the 41st film in Surya’s career. Currently, the film is being shot at a fast pace. The makers are planning to build a village with some huts in an area of ​​Chennai.

The film crew says that the decision was made as they were stunned as they did not even have a house to stay in Surya who had seen their life up close for the role of a fisherman. However, Surya’s work is appreciated by everyone, not just his fans. In this movie, Surprise Beauty Krittishetti plays opposite Surya. I can say that Surya is the career best movies .. and we have to see if this movie will also join that list.

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