Surprise given by Ajith .. Vignesh Sivan who bought it without knowing that it was a wedge

Emerging director Vignesh Sivan has committed to direct Ajith’s Tala 62. Fans are eagerly waiting to see the combo of Thala Ajith and Vignesh Sivan as the official news of this has been leaked on the internet. In this situation actor Ajith Vignesh has taken a decision against Sivan. Vignesh Sivan hears this and freezes in shock.

Recently, Thala Ajith Thala 61 was directed by Vinod and produced by Bonnie Kapoor. Fans are waiting for updates for this movie.

Meanwhile, director Vignesh Sivan has directed the theatrical release of Kathuvakkula, which will be released on April 28, starring actor Vijay Sethupathi, actresses Nayanthara and Samantha. In this situation Vignesh Sivan is going to direct the film with actor Ajith in his direction. Meanwhile, actor Ajith is at a loss as to whether he will act in his next film directed by director Vignesh Sivan.

Beast, directed by Nelson Dileepkumar and starring Vijay, has received mixed reviews in theaters. After hearing this, Thala Ajith is thinking for a while.

This is because the films of the leading actors are currently failing and are facing losses in terms of collections. Thus it is clear where the leading actors are going to play anymore. Meanwhile, director Vignesh Sivan, who is currently in the process of directing Thala Ajith’s film, has said that he is going to decide whether or not to act with him in Thala 62 after the success of Kathuvakkula two romantic films. Thus Vignesh Shiva is hanging in the balance not knowing what he can do.

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