Surprised AK-61 .. Do you know when it will be released?

Ajith is currently working with the strength alliance again in the next film. Ajith, who will be committing in subsequent films, is busy pretending to finish the film as soon as possible.

The shooting of the film, which is currently in full swing, is almost 30 per cent complete. Climax scenes have already been filmed in the film. In it, Ajith has acted like he has a beard.

The director who finished shooting all those scenes is now going to show Ajith in a different look. Scenes related to it are currently being filmed. And Ajith is going to act with a new look for those scenes.

Already there is a news that Ajith is going to act in a very young look in this film. Fans who have seen Ajith in a slightly older look in the last few movies are eager to see him in a new look with this film.

Ajith is coming to surprise the fans with a super look that will meet their expectation. Ponikapur has also decided to release the film for the coming Diwali. So Vinod is currently busy looking after the work.

Strength has been a way of drawing fans for a long time. The film crew is currently working on fire to ensure that nothing like that happens in this film. Following this film, Ajith is all set to team up with Vignesh Sivan and Siruthai Siva. All of these films are expected to be released next year.

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