Surya in Sci-fi movie again after finishing Vadivasal movie! Does anyone know that in motion?

Surya in Sci-fi movie again

Surya, a top actor in Tamil cinema, has been working with leading directors in succession.

Accordingly, Surya, who is currently acting under the direction of director Bala, is expected to star in director Vetrimaran Vadivasal after the completion of the film.

Everyone is looking forward to Vadivasal, the top director and actor of Tamil cinema working together.

Meanwhile, it has been reported that Surya director Ravi Kumar will be directing the film after the completion of Vadivasal.

Today and yesterday, it has been reported that the film will be made into a sci-fi movie following the films including Ayalon.

It is noteworthy that before this Surya starrer Seventh Sense, 24 including films have been released as sci-fi movies.

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