Surya is devastated by Bala’s action .. Danger caused by over perfection

Surya is currently starring in the movie Bala. The film is being produced by Surya through his 2D Entertainment company. Surya plays the role of a cum in this film. And according to the story all the work in the village is shown to be done by Surya himself.

The first phase of the film was shot in Kanyakumari. It was also reported on the internet that Surya had left the filming due to an argument between Surya and Bala during the shooting of the film. But all that is rumored from the film crew.

In this case, the heroine will play the role of a tourist guide in the film. Thus this film needs a lot of foreign people. Thus, Bala has selected supporting actors and actresses from countries like China and Malaysia to act in the film.

Also, instead of giving them a single room, he has given them a separate room. It is now costing them more than the budget of the film as it costs them more as food and salary.

Thus Surya does not know what to do. Bala’s films are always made on a meager budget. This is the first time the film has been made on a high budget. Kanyakumari, which is currently shooting, will be visited by a large number of foreigners.

Bala may have picked some of them and taken some shots. But Bala is the one who can see perfection everywhere. That is why Menakkettu has brought in actors and actresses from abroad.

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