Surya joins KGF alliance .. Official announcement of the blockbuster film

Sudha Kongara, who was Mani Ratnam’s assistant director, directed the 2008 film Traitor and later the 2016 Madhavan finale. Released without much anticipation, the film became a huge hit for Sudha and Madhavan, who had been waiting for a long time for success. He released the film in Hindi and remade it in Telugu as Guru.

He later directed Surya in the film Praising Surya. Released live on ODT in 2020, the film was a good success for Surya, who was plagued by a series of failures. The film received rave reviews, with fans asking if it had been released on ODD.

Then the youth was directing ODO films like Ido Ido, Gold. Now he is directing a Hindi remake praising Sura. Fans have been waiting for his next Tamil film for a long time. The production company that is currently producing the film has officially announced.

After the huge success of the KGF film, Hambole Films, which has been producing sequels in other languages, has announced that it will be producing Sudha’s next film. Some stories have to be told, which we hope will reach the whole of India and have officially announced on Instagram for a new chapter, with a compelling story, based on real events in the Sudha Kongra movement.

Praising Surya Sura, Jay Beam has returned to the path of success once again with the success of the opposing daredevil films. He is currently starring in the highly anticipated films in Tamil. Bala’s next film, Vetri Maran’s Vadivasal, has taken the biggest pictures in a row.

Surya, who already had a good market in the neighboring states of Kerala and Andhra Pradesh, has lost a bit of it due to the series failure of some films. With a lot of new Pan Indian stars emerging from other states, Surya is trying to position himself as a leading actor nationally. The official announcement was made that Surya is the protagonist.

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