Surya told to stop filming halfway back .. A heated argument with the director

Surya is currently starring in his 41st film in the Rogue Director Alliance. Surya has put a lot of condition before the shooting of the film starts. I mean he has talked to Surya Bala in advance about things like he wants to show me he is beautiful in the film and not to take Calcete for a lot of the day.

In this case, Surya plays a fisherman in the film. Thus the shooting of the film took place in the Kanyakumari area. The first phase of filming lasted for almost 34 days and the crew was ready for the next phase of filming.

In this situation, it has been reported that there was an argument between Surya and Bala during the filming and Surya left Kanyakumari after telling the back of the filming. Surya is currently starring in the hit film Vadivasal.

It is said that an argument took place between them as Surya told them to finish the film directed by Bala quickly. As soon as the argument was over, news broke that Surya had left the shooting.

But on the other hand, it is said that Surya left because of Bala’s harsh behavior during the filming. However, many say that it is wrong for the director who initially gave Surya films like Pitamagan and Nanda to act like this.

But it is said that he suddenly went to Mumbai to sign a contract as he was producing a Hindi remake of Surya Sura through his 2D Entertainment company. And only when there is a clear explanation from the film crew will the truth be known.

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