Surya who waves over overa .. the famous director who built the walk for another actor

Surya has been telling Surya the story of the leopard many times but Surya is complaining that it is not right and it is not right. Will Surya, the leopard on the internet in the first alliance with Surya, play Surya in his direction? Won’t you? Is in doubt.

Similarly, film industry sources say that Surya is not much interested in acting in Siruthai Siva’s direction. Meanwhile, Siruthai Siva has recently answered in an interview the question of when he is going to direct the film again in Thala Ajith’s alliance.

Thala Ajith is currently committed to directing director Vignesh Sivan’s Thala 62 and again for the third time in a row with director H Vinod in Commander 61.

Meanwhile, Siruthai Siva has answered the question of when Thala Ajith will act in Siruthai Siva’s alliance. Siruthai Siva has said that it would be better to hear from Thala Ajith’s mouth that he is going to join the alliance with Thala Ajith as a jade mat.

Fans are already waiting for the blockbuster hit to become a movie as all the biggest movies in Tamil cinema have failed miserably.

In this situation, critics in the film industry have been saying that if Siruthai Siva reunites with his head and gives a blockbuster movie for the fifth time, he can bring Tamil cinema back to the top position.

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