Surya’s blockbuster movie is back on ODD

Surya’s ODT release

Surya starrer directed by Sudha Kongara and released live on ODT is a tribute to Surya.

The film was followed by Jai Beam starring Surya, Manikandan and Lijomal Josh, which went live on ODT.

The film was directed by D. J. Gnanavell directed. It saddened the fans that these two films were not released in theaters but were released live on ODT.

Following this, it has been reported that the movie starring Surya will be released on ODT.

Surya film on Odit again

Accordingly, it is reported that the film, which will star Surya after many years in the Bala direction, will be released live on ODT.

This is because Surya’s 2D company has also produced off-screen films that have been released live on ODT so far.

Surya is currently working on a film directed by Bala and is being produced by 2D. Thus, the film is likely to be released directly on ODT.

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