Surya’s film will be talked about all over the world .. so much before it is released

Fans and screen critics are very worried as the situation of Tamil cinema is very bad. Because many films released in Tamil this year have not been successful till date.

Actor Surya, who has captivated the fans with his elegant acting, is making a comeback as a leading actor in Tamil cinema after the film Surarai. Currently, director Bala is getting ready to act in films by Venkatprabhu and others. In this situation, an update has been released on the upcoming movie Vadivasal directed by Vetrimaran and composed by GV Prakash and produced by V Creations.

Surya is busy rehearsing for Jallikkattu, a film based on Jallikkattu. Meanwhile, the producer of Surya’s Vadivasal has said that the film will be world class.
Movies including Bhagwati, R.R.R., which was recently released as a Pan India film, were well received among the fans.

In the meantime, he is confident that the film will be a success both commercially and critically. Recently, on Tamil New Year, actor Surya wore a T-shirt on his social media page, holding a cow in his hand and wishing the fans a Happy Tamil New Year.

Meanwhile, Vetrimaran, who is currently directing actor Suri’s release, is expected to start shooting for Vadivasal after the film. The actress and his wife Jyotika Surya are co-starring in a film directed by Bala which deals with the problems of fishermen.

Actor Surya is currently starring in the upcoming Rocketry Nambi effect movie which will be released on July 1 in languages ​​including Hindi, English and Tamil. Directed by actor Madhavan, the film stars Madhavan and Simran in the lead roles. Meanwhile, actor Surya has been cast in a special appearance in the film.

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