Syfy renews ‘Chucky’ and ‘Vampire Reginald’

Syfy renews 'Chucky' and 'Vampire Reginald'

The Syfy channel has extended two of its projects: the horror “Chucky” by Don Mancini will receive a third season, and “Vampire Reginald” with Jacob Batalon in the title role – the second.

The plot of the series “Chucky” is a 14-year-old schoolboy Jack, trying to survive the recent death of his mother and bullying at school. One day, he buys an antique Chucky doll at a suburban yard sale, after which his home ideal American town suddenly plunges into chaos: a series of terrible murders begins to expose the hypocrisy and secrets of the locals. The third season of the project will be released this year, but the exact release date is still unknown.

The supernatural drama The Vampire Reginald is based on the writings of Johnny B. Truant’s The Fat Vampire. The series tells about the chubby and unlucky vampire Reginald, who is not at all like the rest of the bloodsuckers – slender, tall and without exception attractive. The premiere of the first part of the show took place in October last year.

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