Tadap Movie Download Pagalworld, Pagalmovies, Filmyzilla, Filmywap, Hdhub4u

Tadap Movie Download Pagalworld, Pagalmovies, Filmyzilla, Filmywap, Hdhub4u

Tadap Movie Download Pagalworld

Tadap is a Hindi language romantic action drama movie which release in 2021 directed by Milan and produced by Sajid under the Nadiadwala Entertainment banner with Fox Star serving as distributor and co-producer.

Ishana lives in Mussoorie with his adopted father who is known by everyone as Daddy. 

Daddy is a close aide of Damodaar a politician who is fighting the state elections. 

Tadap Movie Download Pagalmovies

She runs a theatre and helps Daddy and Damodaar in political activities. On the day of vote counting, Damodaar’s daughter Ramisa returns from London where she is studying. 

Damodaar wins the elections and when she is celebrating the former’s victory, Ramisa spots him. 

She gets attracted to him. Soon she befriends and even confesses that she is attracted to him. He badly falls crazily in love with her and they begin an intimate romantic relationship.

Ramisa tells she that Damodaar is insisting on getting her married. She assures that she will convince her Papa to change his mind and they should not meet for a few days to which he agrees. 

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She kisses and leaves him and at that exact moment, Damodaar sees them. He and Ramisa grandmother decide to separate and teach a lesson to loversss. 

She asks Daddy to go and meet Damodaar and convince him for their wedding. But unfortunately on the way to Damodaar’s house he meets with an accident and has been admitted in the hospital. 

He shocked when he hear that Damodaar fixed Ramisa wedding with Anurag Mehta and when he reaches the address he is badly beaten by Damodaar goons in the meantime she gets married unwillingly and is being sent to U.K.

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Three years later she unable to get over with his past with Ramisa still loves her. He is now an hyper aggressive man who decides to avenge Damodaar by beating up his men and spoiling his businesses. 

Daddy is tired of convincing she to forget the past and to leave Mussorie to which she disagrees. One day, Ramisa returns from London and is shocked to know that she still hasn’t moved on. 

She comes to Ramisa and makes a big sceneat their house. Ramisa told him move on and let her live in shanti but she doesn’t listen. 

Daddy then comes and decide to leave the district. Papa reveals to she friend that Ramisa is not what she seems. 

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And then she used she just to satisfy her sex habits while already in a relationship with her senior from college who she intends to marry. 

He had listened to all this when he had gone to meet Damodaar regarding their marriage.

Meanwhile Ramisa sends goons to get she killed and she gets to know this. When Ramisa calls the man responsible for the kill, she comes over and tries to strangulate her but in the end lets her go and then dies from his injuries.


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