What’s the best birthday present you could provide to a brother or sister? A good watch? Perhaps take them out to an expensive supper? Or how about a kidnapping? Saban Movies shared the trailer for this wild idea solely with Collider — Take the Night is a wild thriller that focuses around a trick criminal offense. The story narrates this unconventional birthday “present” that… surprise, surprise, goes awfully incorrect. Saban Films has actually likewise permitted Collider to expose the theatrical and digital releases of the upcoming movie, which are July 8 and 12, respectively.

The trailer reveals that Robert Chang (Sam Tune Li) remains in no state of mind to commemorate his 25th birthday, as the business he acquired from his late daddy takes a deep monetary dive, which might put him in an alarming circumstance. This doesn’t trouble William (Roy Huang), who chooses to prank his sibling with a phony birthday kidnapping. The difficulty is, when you welcome a group of bad guys to fake-kidnap a billionaire, you’re bound to understand they won’t follow your guidelines — specifically when they ask to be paid ahead of time.


Despite The Fact That it’s simple to picture things going south in Take the Night, the trailer recommends the story has its set of weaves waiting as the plot progresses from curious to hazardous. Plus, it’s fascinating to see the pranky sibling getting in crisis mode as he understands he’s unintentionally taken brother or sister competition to an entire other level. How can he manage the rogue bad guys and conserve his sibling? And what if he cant?

Take the Night is the function movie launching of Seth McTigue, who formerly directed short movies. In his launching, he serves as director, film writer, and manufacturer. He likewise stars as one member of the kidnapping gang. Referred to as an “inventive, edgy crime thriller”, Take the Night may be a strong start to McTigue’s function movie profession, and based upon the idea and trailer, it’s safe to state that the freshman director has the skill to ignite audiences’ interests.

The movie likewise stars Ashwin Gore (9-1-1), Brennan Keel Cook (Love You To Death), Shomari Love (The Chi), Antonio Aaron (Diminuendo), and Grace Serrano (Hummingbird).

Saban Movies premieres Take the Night in theaters on July 8. 4 days later on, on July 12, the movie premieres on Digital.

You can watch the trailer and take a look at the poster listed below:

Have a look at the main summary here:

An innovative, edgy criminal offense thriller, ‘Take the Night’ is a twisted tale of brother or sister competition and household tricks. A fancy surprise birthday stunt heads into progressively dark places when profession bad guys employed to stage a phony kidnapping go rogue. Older sibling William protects a team to stage a phony kidnapping of his sibling Robert. However the team has strategies of their own. The bros need to put aside their brother or sister competition if they wish to conserve the household fortune.