Tamil cinema in a pitiable condition .. an opportunity to give only to one person

Now there is some miserable music director in Tamil cinema. Those who once flew the flag are now wandering around looking for opportunities as there is no one photo opportunity. To this day, new composers continue to grow. But opportunity for them is seldom available.

Anirudh’s music has been making waves everywhere in Tamil cinema lately. This is why some leading music directors are being sidelined.

Anirudh’s Doctor, Beast and Kathuvakkula have been released in his music. This was followed by S Cain Dawn, who composed the music for Kamal Haasan’s Indian 2. Big pictures like this are all in his hands. Now he plans to go to the Hindi side as Tamil has also won the war.

Leading composers Devisree Prasad, Daman, Yuvan Shankar Raja, Harris Jayaraj and Santosh Narayanan have been affected as he has all the big pictures in Tamil cinema.

Everyone is looking for him because the songs released in his music will be a hit in the film anyway and that is why his flag is always flying in Tamil cinema. He too is currently circulating in Mumbai that he might go to the Bollywood side.

This is why the status quo of flag-raising music organizers at one time is questionable. Therefore, everyone is of the opinion that if Tamil cinema does not trust only one person but gives opportunity to others, a lot of changes will take place in the cinema.

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