Tamil cinema that suffocates like a person .. Anirudh who bends big budget films

The big picture is that the directors and producers first get his order on whether he has a callsheet and whether he can finish it by this date. Besides, all the great heroes are adamant that he is the one.

Anirudh is the one who has become the pet of all the heroes to that extent. Wherever he goes, he wins. That is why there is such an honor for Manusan. He will adjust whatever the directors say. He will act as if he deserves to be heard.

Thus how can they leave him when victory is in his pocket. Anirudh is one of the most important music composers in Tamil cinema today. He is currently busy composing music for several films.

All those songs have captivated the fans and become a super duper hit. In that sense the Arabic boxing bar he recently put up for the visit is all the rage. From children to celebrities there are no people who have not played this song. The song mixed social media to that extent.

Following the Beast film, there are now a number of films in his possession. In that category he has dozens of pictures of Don, Vikram, Indian 2, Leader 169. The movie Don starring Sivakarthikeyan will be released tomorrow.

Apart from that, the song composed by him for the movie Vikram for Kamal was released yesterday. That song which started as Pathala Pathala has now become a fan favorite. The song that made many people stab is now going viral.

Anirudh, who is retaining success on the flip side like this, is capable of throwing away AR Raghuvan in the future. Tamil cinema as a whole now relies on this single man who performed such a feat in cinema at a young age. Tamil cinema is currently struggling without a composer.

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