Tamil cinema’s first Pan India movie! Do you know how much Kamal’s Indian collection is globally?

Pan India movie of Tamil cinema

The Indian film industry is currently releasing Pan India films. We continue to see films like that continuing to make great collections worldwide.

The first Pan Indian film to be made in Tamil cinema in that category was Indian, a 1996 Indian film directed by Shankar and starring Kamal.

The hugely acclaimed Indian film was dubbed and released not only in Tamil but also in Telugu and Hindi.

And today marks the 26th anniversary of the film and Kamal’s fans are celebrating the information about the film on the internet. Accordingly, Indian cinema had grossed Rs. 64 crores worldwide at that time.

It is said that Rajinikanth’s film broke the box office record of Indian cinema a few years back.

Tamil cinema's first Pan India movie!  Do you know how much Kamal's Indian collection is globally?

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