That character I will play is Adam’s favorite commander .. KS Ravikumar who broke the secret

Commander Vijay currently has the largest fan base in Tamil cinema. His acting is a blockbuster hit in the collection of released films. Vijay is constantly giving opportunity to young directors and expressing his outstanding performance.

The recently released Beast film starring Vijay was a box office success despite receiving mixed reviews. Vijay is currently starring in his 66th film directed by Telugu director Vamsi Paidipally.

In this situation, the director who was interviewed on popular television has praised Vijay. KS Ravikumar proved that Vijay can mix in comedy while acting as an action hero. While telling two stories to Vijay, Vijay has told the story of KS Ravikumar OK.

That’s when the film was made. Ravi Kumar has said that Vijay has a lot of sense of humor and that is why the film was made as a romantic comedy and became a huge hit. He also said that Vijay asked me to play the comedy character in this film.

After that the opportunity to direct 3 films with Vijay was missed by chance. I hope to get a chance to direct his film in the near future. Otherwise he will get a chance to star in the film.

KS Ravikumar said in the interview that he already has the experience of playing with him. KS Ravikumar also shared interesting information about Vijay in the interview that he can do it enthusiastically if Vijay has a thing in mind.

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