That’s all we need .. MR Radha who spoke openly about the cast

Fans have been eager to accept the actor who appears on screen as their main protagonist and walk their way and fight with the fans of another actor, competing and showing that his actor is the greatest.

Some fans are blindly showing affection and love to an actor, thinking that the actors will be in real life just like they appear on screen. Some actors have spoken out against this to condemn many.

MR Radha, who has a habit of talking like that always comes to mind, has also said this. He has openly stated that we laugh, cry, do good and do what is heard not for money but for the country. He has repeatedly said that they will definitely win in life if they fight for themselves rather than fighting for actors.

But all this did not seem to be taken seriously by the fans. From MGR to the current Dhanush and Simbu, there are a lot of people who are blindfolded in the name of fan. Many actors on many stages insist on taking care of the family first and no one should listen to it.

Rajinikanth, who knows that fans are used to smoking cigarettes after seeing him, has said on stage that he has suffered a lot from smoking and has asked you directly to quit, saying that he has given up smoking. Knowing that Vijay fans and Ajith fans are mostly fighting on social media and despite the release of the film, Ajith had announced the dissolution of the fan forums. Every time actor Vijay speaks on stage, he insists on taking care of yourself and your family first.

The fans didn’t seem to hear what the actors were saying anyway. Now Ajith and Vijay fans are fighting. Many of the fans who protest against this do not even think about it at all. And many are saying look at the picture, look at the actors as actors.

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