That’s what love bourgeoisie is all about

It is not a new thing for movie stars to fall in love and get married. But Vignesh Sivan and Nayantara have been in love for the last several years. But only when asked about marriage do they not openly answer about it.

They go to temples and go to pujas. It is said that they get married only after completing all the Parikara Pujas.

In this case Vignesh Sivan is talking about love. He said that there is beautiful love between them, he said that if that love fights, we will get married and celebrate that love.

It is noteworthy that both Vicky and Nayan are currently very busy in cinema. Vignesh Sivan is all set to direct the next Ajith film. Nayan on the other hand is currently starring in the Shah Rukh Khan film. He has several pictures in his possession following that. It is noteworthy that being busy in cinema like this is one of the reasons why their marriage is delayed.

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