The 10 Best Korean School Dramas – High School and University Life


When folks maintain Korean dramas, many maintain melodramas, historical dramas, or romantic comedies. On the alternative hand, about a of the best Korean dramas are in accordance with teenagers, first loves, friendships, and overall college life whether it be excessive college or College. This article will point of curiosity on the 10 all-time easiest Korean School Dramas that could make your lift your teenage/young adult years. Whereas Korean college life is blueprint varied than western college life, college life drama is serene beautiful powerful the same. Confidently, these dramas will boom serve enjoyable memories from your excessive college/college experiences. The dramas were ranked by the SEOULSPACE team so if you feel we acquired it misguided, please give your causes under.

Boys Over Flora


The very best Korean School Dramas of all time can’t commence unless we originate with Boys Over Flora. It’s the Korean drama that without extend turned Lee Min-ho into a KDrama indispensable person. The movie could also just no longer be too relatable for those in the west but it no doubt presents you a valid in-depth appreciate at how prestigious non-public faculties in Korea aim. The series is about a lady from a sorrowful family and a boy who is a allotment of a extraordinarily rich/widespread neighborhood at college known as F4. The motive he is in F4 is that he is from one of many biggest conglomerate households in Korea. The girl from the sorrowful family finally ends up a hit the coronary heart of the boy whereas on the same time showcasing one of presumably the most memorable female characters in Korean drama history.

No. of Episodes: 25

Released Date: January 2009

Dream High

Offer: Netflix

It was a discontinuance call between Dream High and Boys Over Flora. Dream High tells the fable and desires of young those that dream to become stars by attending an Art High School. It was one of many predominant a hit dramas that showcased the lives of excessive college college students. It’s very funny and centered loads on Kpop and the dream of becoming the next Kpop Idol. Moreover, it stars a Kpop indispensable person in Suzy.

For those eager extra in staring at characters lift out their desires, Dream High 1 is the drama for you. For those that are extra into teen romance, Dream High 2 is easy how to hasten. On the alternative hand, in our knowing, Dream High the distinctive is the best of the two.

No. of Episodes: 16 ( 1 particular)

Released Date: January 2011

The Heirs


The series follows a neighborhood of rich privileged excessive college college students as they’re about to take over their family’s industry empires. Lee Min-ho is also on this drama and plays a successfully off heir to a mountainous Korean firm. He’ll soon deserve to make a alternative from the girl he loves or pursuing the family industry. The drama was one of these large success that they made a season 2!

No. of Episodes: 20

Released Date: October 2013

Indulge in Fright


Korean webtoon turned Korean drama Indulge in Fright is about a excessive college student that is both beautiful and shining. She is no longer from a successfully off family as her oldsters dangle passed away and now she resides along with her aunt. There is a favored student at her college who is the son of a successfully off family. On the alternative hand, he doesn’t accept savor from his family. His easiest buddy finally ends up falling for the girl and he soon realizes he also has emotions for her as successfully. Indulge in Fright also has an legit Indulge in Fright app that was created actual for the drama.

No. of Episodes: 14

Released Date: August 2019

My ID is Gangnam Class

Offer: Pinterest

Here is a fable about a lady dwelling a brand new life via plastic surgical operation. She acquired plastic surgical operation after getting bullied attributable to her looks. She attends her college after her new appreciate as a intellectual lady. Soon her beautiful looks originate to hasten to her head and rapidly varied college students tease her in accordance with the proven truth that she acquired plastic surgical operation. Happily she meets a pale schoolmate in middle college that helps her increase her self-savor and understand what acceptable beauty really is.

No. of Episodes: 16

Released Date: July 2018

Offer: Netflix

Phenomenal You is about a excessive college lady who realizes that she is a supporting character internal a romance mango known as Secret. As soon as she realizes she is a allotment of a fable, she does her easiest to take a appreciate at and alternate the mounted fable of her savor and life. The series does a mountainous job of blending college life with memoir. Moreover, it has one of many cutest excessive college savor reports around. Phenomenal You is in accordance with the Daum Webtoon known as July Chanced on by Likelihood.

No. of Episodes: 32

Released Date: October 2019

Cheese in the Trap

Offer: YouTube

One other Korean webtoon turned Korean Drama tells the fable of a female college student who is the best one who seen the valid acceptable self of her sunbae. This apparently marvelous man hides a unsafe nature which he is ready to veil in the serve of his candy smile. These that deserve to like the long-established Korean college male student will derive this drama arresting.

No. of Episodes: 16

Released Date: January 2016

At Eighteen

Offer: Pinterest

This drama is about a lonely 18-year-passe student. He’s no longer very acceptable at expressing his emotions, but he has a adorable and enjoyable facet. He finally ends up transferring to a brand new college the place he meets a lady who is the tip student in her class. On the alternative hand, her life is controlled by her mother. Therefore, her aim is to become self sustaining. After they meet they both trip little adjustments in their lives.

No. of Episodes: 16

Released Date: July 2019

Cheer Up!

Offer: Pinterest

Here is with out doubt one of many best Korean college dramas the place the background revolves around cheerleading. The series is in regards to the friendship and loves of faculty students in a excessive college cheerleading membership. Many are facing the cruel academic intention in Korea and point of curiosity closely on competitions. The college students on the prestigious college should overcome their variations and work together in divulge to account for others misguided.

No. of Episodes: 12

Released Date: October 2015

Grasp of Glimpse


The fable is about a lawyer who was once a pale bike gang member who takes a suite as a excessive college teacher. He finally ends up teaching a neighborhood of third-charge college students who he has to accept into prestigious Korean universities. On the alternative hand, he doesn’t actual point of curiosity on their sinful grades but additionally on bettering their outlook in life. He focuses on one student and gradually beneficial properties his belief and rapidly he finally ends up being the best student in the class.

No. of Episodes: 16

Released Date: January 2010

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