It’s been 3 years considering that the last episode of The Big Bang Theory aired, however its appeal hasn’t subsided. With consistent reruns on television and discovering brand-new life on streaming services, Pasadena’s preferred researchers and waitresses are never ever far out of reach. The experiences of Sheldon, Leonard, Howard, Raj, and Cent never ever stop working to highlight laughs, awkwardness, and geeky goodness.

As one of the most effective comedies of perpetuity, Big Bang protected some quite prominent visitor stars throughout the program’s run. These stars amazed us with their comical chops, including Star Wars actors, superhero icons, and Oscar winners, and were an outright pleasure to see with these cherished characters.


10) Billy Bob Thornton

Hollywood heavyweight Billy Bob Thornton plays Dr. Oliver Lorvis, a pharmaceutical customer of Cent’s, in an episode from the program’s 8th season. After a misconception, Dr. Lorvis wants to start a romantic relationship with Cent however bonds with the men rather.

Thornton is humorous as the scary and socially unaware doctor, drawing out all type of cringe as he ideally pursues love with every female who is great to him. As a celeb urologist, he likewise acquires the gang’s trust by revealing them weird souvenirs, consisting of James Cameron’s kidney stones.


9) Steve Wozniak


Steve Wozniak in The Big Bang Theory

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak makes a short look as himself throughout the program’s 4th season. When Sheldon (Jim Parsons) finds he won’t live enough time to move his awareness into a robotic, he attempts to increase his life expectancy and produces a mobile virtual existence gadget.

While managing the gadget from his bed room, he run into Wozniak at the Cheesecake Factory. Wozniak states he would sign Sheldon’s computer system if he existed personally, so Sheldon hurries to satisfy him however hurts himself. It’s an enjoyable cameo, specifically when, after his encounter, Wozniak just states, “Nerds.”


8) Regina King

The multi-talented Regina King plays Janine Davis, the university’s Person Resources Administrator, who appears in more episodes later on. Since of her position, she is required to handle the gang and their shenanigans a number of times, especially Sheldon.

King handles to keep her calm and provide best comical timing throughout her scenes, specifically those along with Jim Parsons. Sheldon is sent out to personnels more than as soon as, and his absence of social and cultural awareness produces some jaw-dropping yet humorous moments with Davis.

7) Mark Hamill

Luke Skywalker himself, Mark Hamill, appeared in the ending of the program’s l lth season, playing a variation of his real-life self. When Howard (Simon Helberg) discovers his pet, Bark Hamill, the star provides a favor and consents to officiate Sheldon and Amy’s wedding event as a surprise visitor.

It’s a genuine reward to see the men lastly satisfy and communicate with their hero from their preferred movie franchise. Whether hes taking Star Wars concerns from wedding event visitors or breaking down due to the fact that of Sheldon and Amy’s (Mayim Bialik) sincere swears, it’s an amazingly unpopular experience.


6) Adam West

The initial Batman television star Adam West looked like himself in the program’s 200th episode throughout season 9. As a kid, Sheldon’s sibling lied that Batman would attend his birthday, however he never ever appeared. The gang schedules West to participate in Sheldons birthday celebration to cheer him up.

West has some excellent small talk with the characters, especially in a scene where Leonard (Johnny Galecki), Howard, and Raj (Kunal Nayyar) select him up and drive him to Sheldon’s celebration. The group argues and ranks their preferred Batman actors, and when Ben Affleck is pointed out, West states, “What’s an Affleck?”

5) Carrie Fisher

A couple of actors from Star Wars looked like visitor stars on The Big Bang Theory, and among those was the famous Carrie Fisher. In an episode throughout season 7, Sheldon has a night out with another Star Wars star, James Earl Jones, who calls her doorbell and runs.

Fisher was an infamously amusing female, shown here as she comes out in her nightgown, wielding a baseball bat and prepared to remove Darth Vader himself. Its a really short look however among the most remarkable on the program.


4) Stan Lee

Marvel icon Stan Lee looked like himself on an episode throughout the program’s 3rd season. When Sheldon loses out on participating in a comics finalizing and conference Lee, Cent attempts to organize another method for them to satisfy, as Sheldon needed to go to court due to the fact that of her.

Cent takes Sheldon to Lee’s home, where he responds to the door in a Wonderful 4 bathrobe. It’s an impressive look and extremely humorous when Lee sardonically asks Sheldon to come in and watch the Lakers game, which Sheldon does. The outcome? A great old limiting order.

3) Stephen Hawking

The dazzling and motivating Stephen Hawking, who is among Sheldon’s clinical heroes, in fact starred in a couple of episodes of the program. The very first and most popular remained in season 5, where he dealt with Howard, and Sheldon got to satisfy him by doing undesirable jobs for Howard.

Hawking included in additional episodes of the program through narration and looks on Skype. The researcher had an excellent existence and even sass to the screen — like when Sheldon passes out after fulfilling him and Hawking, clearly overdramatic people, states, “Great, another fainter.”


2) James Earl Jones

James Earl Jones — or “Darth Vader and The Lion Kings dad” — provides possibly the series wildest and most wonderful visitor look. In season 7, Sheldon attempts to develop his own convention after losing out on Comic-Con tickets, and satisfies Earl Jones.

Sheldon and the star quickly struck it off and have a night out that is possibly a bit too intimate for Sheldon’s taste. Whether sharing a sundae, doing karaoke, pranking Carrie Fisher, going on a Ferris wheel, or warming up in a sauna, we never ever believed we’d see Darth Vader like this.

1) Bob Newhart

Experienced star Bob Newhart provides among the program’s top efficiencies as Arthur Jeffries. Arthur played Teacher Proton in a science television program Sheldon enjoyed and is likewise his idol. Nevertheless, Arthur isn’t so keen on Sheldon and is not scared to clarify that.

Newhart’s dry shipment and sharp wit are genius and make Arthur more than a standard repeating character. In spite of his hostility to Sheldon, the 2 form a weird bond and even share touching moments. In an episode throughout season 9, a departed Arthur looks like a Force Ghost to Sheldon and reluctantly provides him guidance.