The actor who became fielded to the extent that people forget .. Waiting for Sundar Si to rely only on the tree

Sunder C was Manivannan’s assistant director in the early days of Tamil cinema and later made his directorial debut with the comedy film Muraimaman. Following this winner, Sunder C excels at directing comedy stories such as The Two of Us, London and Lively.

To this day, Mausu is more into the romantic comedy stories he has taken. Not only comedy stories but also some ghost films are being promoted now. He also made his entry in 2006 not only as a director but also as a protagonist in the film Capital.

Recently, his films like Darkness and Palace were well received by the people. In this situation, an actor who is currently suffering from not being able to give hit films is now starring in Sundar C.

He relies on that image alone like a mountain. Because even though the film does not run, he is pushing for people to act in a character so that they do not forget us.

Apart from films like Forever Smiling, Kalakalappu-2, there is no film that can tell actor Jeeva. Now Sunder C is starring in a film in motion.

Sunder relies heavily on C to see if the film will lend a hand. So Jeeva has come down with great anticipation to reunite with Sundar Chi after the film Kalakalappu 2.

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