The actor who gives duff to Kamal who played 10 roles .. Surprising that he is a great actor

Shivaji Ganesan, who is acclaimed as actor Tilak by the fans in Tamil cinema, will act in any role. In fact, many at the time believed that he was the only one who could bring certain historical characters to life.

After him, Kamal Haasan became famous for playing many such characters. That’s why fans are celebrating him as the Man of the World and Lord of the Rings. In that sense Kamal is an unshakable pillar in Tamil cinema till date.

Apart from that, Dasavathaaram surprised everyone by playing ten different roles in the film. For those 10 characters, he’s acting so different in his voice that we can not find him.

Like him, there is a hero in Tamil cinema who can speak almost 10 languages ​​fluently. MS Bhaskar, who started his career as a dubbing artist and now has a unique place for himself to be admired by all as a talent within him.

He became more popular with the serial Little Daddy Big Daddy aired on Sun TV. Following that he has acted in some serials and is now shining as the best character actor in Tamil cinema. Now he has become such a sticky actor that there are no movies he has not acted in.

Everyone is now looking at him with open mouth, who can make it perfect with any character. He also has the ability to speak many languages ​​and has found a new language while acting in the movie Iron Fortress.

Not only this, he does not have much Tamil knowledge. Today, Tamil cinema is looking at him as a great actor who is mixing himself with various talents in cinema.

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