With an explosive and psychological very first season behind them, The Bad Batch are getting ready to go back to our lives. After concluding the program in August of in 2015, the series not just presented us to the distinct band of irregular clone cannon fodders called Clone Force 99, aka The Bad Batch (Dee Bradley Baker), however likewise to their brand-new young buddy (and sis clone) Omega (Michelle Ang). The series was renewed prior to completion of the very first season, and now, thanks to Star Wars Event, The Bad Batch will be going back to our screens this fall.

The series is a spin-off of the much-beloved Star Wars: The Clone Wars series, with comparable animation design and characters crossing over. Both series likewise have ties to Star Wars Rebels, though The Bad Batch mostly concentrates on the time correct after Order 66. As clones with hereditary anomalies, Clone Force 99 was not impacted by Order 66 in the very same method as their fellow clone siblings.


Well, not all of them, a minimum of. The very first season not just explores what clones should have problem with after the result of Order 66, however likewise the shattering of the group. Of the 5 members of the batch, Crosshair — the appropriately nicknamed sniper of the group — betrayed the group to side with the Empire after Order 66. Although the remainder of the Bad Batch presumed he was impacted by the order, he reveals in the ending that he selected to agree the Empire.

While on the run from Crosshair and the Empire, the remainder of the group, Hunter, Wrecker, Tech, and Echo, satisfy a girl called Omega. Although she is at first presented as a medical assistant to the Kaminoan researcher Nala Se (Gwendoline Yeo), she is later on exposed to be an unmodified replicant of Jango Fett (just like Boba Fett). As the just recognized existing female clone and certainly genetically various from the other male clones, she establishes a close bond with the 4 clone cannon fodders.

The series invests most of its time leaping from area to area, with enjoyable difficulties of the week that have them entering into contact with numerous familiar characters. The group fulfills everybody from Fennec Shand to a young Hera Syndulla to their fellow clone cannon fodder Rex. What will originate from Season 2? Will we discover more about the strange cloning program that likely will result in Palpatines resurrection? Will we enter into contact with more familiar faces? Well discover later on this year!

The Bad Batch Season 2 will premiere on Disney+ at some point this fall.